New ‘People & Place’ Workshop – Beach Kindy!

Come with us to a place where anything is possible.

Where swashbuckling sea captains and puddle jumping champions play together.

Where spells are cast in the sand.

Join author Dannika Patterson on an incursion adventure to the amazing place that is…Beach Kindy!

  • Like all the story-driven workshops she develops and presents, Dannika’s first priority is to meaningfully share her love of books and wild creativity with children in a joyful way.
  • This workshop was developed to help foster a deeper understanding & appreciation of people and place, through story, art, science and sensory elements.
  • Using working examples from her book Beach Kindy, set on Quandamoooka land, Dannika will share this story of people and place that gently encourages early years ecological, social-emotional and cultural awareness.
  • We’ll talk Welcome to Country, respect for land, animals & people and name the feelings that often come with new experiences, like the butterfly-filled nerve-citement of first excursions! (Plus a few child-led tangent topics, no doubt!)
  • This workshop aligns with the primary concepts of the Early Years Learning Framework: Being, Belonging and Becoming. P-2 curriculum-links built into this workshops include; narrative writing, science inquiry skills, environmental science, habitats, life-cycles, cultural understanding & sustainability.
  • The Beach Kindy workshop can be run as an incursion style author visit in kindergartens, primary schools, libraries, education centres, community events and writers festivals.
  • This workshop is 100% waste-free, with all materials being either recycled, upcycled or compostable.
  • Most suited for children Kindergarten – Grade 2.

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