Hedgehog the Wonder Dog – Out Feb 1st 2023

“A picture book full of heart, hope and furry, four-legged love.”

Anyone can see that Hedgehog the Wonder Dog is no ordinary dog.
Tell her to sit, and she’ll shake a paw; tell her to fetch and she rolls over.
But it’s only kids like Sam who can sense her true superpowers.
A story about the healing powers of wonder dogs and super brave kids.

Key points:

  • Celebrates the connection between humans and animals, specifically the ‘wonder’ and healing powers of therapy dogs.
  • Explores the concept of childhood illness and treatment in a gentle, age-appropriate way by providing a window into the world of a children’s hospital.
  • Through perspective and symbolism, this book shows the contrasting inner and outer worlds of a child.
  • Ross Morgan’s deeply sensitive illustrations are richly layered combinations of hand-drawn sketches, paintings and some digital elements. The illustrations are multi-layered with hidden elements to explore.
  • Written in flowing prose, featuring literary devices including alliteration and assonance, as well as concepts including days of the week, routines, counting down.
  • A book to comfort children going through hospital treatment.
  • A valuable resource for parents, friends, carers, teachers, counsellors and medical staff.
  • Promotes the benefits of therapy animals.
  • A conversation starter around assumptions: contrasting the way Hedgehog is viewed by strangers in the outside world versus how she appears to Sam in the hospital environment.
  • Unique character connections encourage discussions about emotional support.

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