Celebrating Rejection

When I received my first rejection letter, generically worded as it was, I felt...honored. A bit special. Like I'd earned my first Brownie badge. Lost my first tooth. Received my first 'participation' medal on sports day. Rejection is a writer's right of passage, after all.

Kindness, Kids & Rocks

For the past few weeks my head has been full of rocks. Rocks in waking moments, rocks in my dreams. Not just any rocks. Really special rocks. Kindness rocks.


Locked in a soundproof cell with padded walls is the place I am best able to find my sanity and lose my mind simultaneously.


We recognize instantly when a child needs lifting up, often without the need for words at all. We stop what we're doing. We respond. We lift them up - physically and metaphorically - and suddenly everything feels better. So why do we stop?

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