Jacaranda Magic is receiving some wonderful reviews as it is shared amongst the kidlit community and in schools, kindergartens and homes.

Here are some snippets and links to a few things some very lovely people have had to say about this book…

“I love this book for so many reasons!”– Maggie Dent, author, parenting expert and nature play advocate.

“More than a joyful picture book that celebrates beauty in nature and the power of imagination, Jacaranda Magic is a dynamic tool to help parents and educators explore the value of boredom and encourage outdoor play.

It addresses a trend is emerging from research in early childhood education in Australia, indicating that young children are struggling to develop key creative, imaginative and gross motor skills due to diminishing access to unstructured play outdoors.

Jacaranda Magic was written to encourage children in the critical 4-9 year old age group to get outside and discover all the possibilities that nature offers when playing with objects in their natural settings and using the limitless power of their imaginations.”

Buzz Words Review Jacaranda Magic by Dannika Haling and Megan Forward
Review from Buzz Words

“A gloriously purple-splattered story of the joy of summer, friendship and jacaranda magic.” – Sandy Fussell, children’s book reviewer for The Sunday Telegraph.

“This story is certain to delight girls and boys as it is read again and again, inspiring them to appreciate nature, live in the moment and imagine their own adventures.”Julieann Wallace, publisher, author & teacher.
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“Jacaranda Magic is a beautifully illustrated rhyming book that explores imaginative play in wonderful and interesting ways. On a hot, sticky day five bored buddies (without their toys or scooters) are at a loss for what to do with themselves. They are lounging near a Jacaranda tree when a gust of wind inspires their imaginations and they take turns creating new worlds using just the Jacaranda flowers. This book gently highlights the reliance on external items to bring joy and reminds children that they do not need an iPad to have fun; they can use imaginative play to go on grand adventures (even better than they could in an app). It creatively explores a range of options available when engaged in outside and unstructured play. Imagination and curiosity are developed by creating a sense of wonder, mystery and excitement; the flowers could be aliens… or fairies… or anything!
The charming characters represent the diverse Australian cultural and social context and will be easy relatable for students. Megan Forward’s delightful illustrations pair perfectly with the text to create meaning. They support the learning of concepts that may be difficult to explain through language alone – “they lead to a marshmallow cave set for tea!”. The book is engaging and lends itself to oral language extension activities with questions such as, what do we really know about genies? It has a universal appeal to adults and children, written in a style that engages young readers through rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration. While easy to read, the text contains some complex adjectives and would encourage teaching and discussion regarding higher level vocabulary. Overall, a developmentally appropriate and timely reminder to encourage children to use their imaginations and get outside to play!”
– Erin Coonan- Speech Pathologist, Darwin

“A joyful example of overcoming boredom that encapsulates the capacity of nature to inspire, educate and entertain, Jacaranda Magic harnesses the essence of friendship and the pooling of imaginative resources in a time when it’s easier for many of today’s youth to simply swipe away boredom. I hope city kids especially will embrace this tale with the same bare-footed abandonment as some of their country counterparts might, with pure joie de vivre.”
Boomerang Books
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“This is a great book to read to children to remind them that we have the best time when life is simple, creative, spontaneous and playful – especially when we share those times interacting with family and friends – and often the best times are in the outdoors. Also a great book to have on hand if you hear the ‘bored’ word.” – Brook Tayla.
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Sunday Telegraph Review Jacaranda Magic

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