The Short Version:
I am a children’s author, workshop presenter and freelance writer with degrees in Journalism and Arts (Child Psychology). 
With 12 published titles to date, I continue to love to writing and sharing stories that delight, connect, spark curiosity and open relatable conversations: stories that echo in the minds of little listeners and more grown-up readers alike.

Through my writing and creative workshops, my aim is to uplift and inspire the next generation: helping to foster creativity, ecological and self-awareness in a gentle, joyful way. 

With a knack for sparking wonder through words and a reputation for being a professional delight to work with, I’ve always got my eye out for new opportunities to engage hearts and minds. I welcome publishers, schools, festival organisers and folks with other interesting creative propositions to get in touch with me directly, via email – d a n n i k a p a t t e r s o n @ G M A I L.COM (remove the spaces). 

The Back Story:
Before shifting gears to work as a freelance creative with a focus on writing stories and scripts for children, I was Director of Products & Content for a multinational telecommunications company. In this role I collaborated with major creative partners like Disney & Universal Music to conceptualise, craft, license and distribute diverse multi-media content. I’ve also run my own consultancy for smaller businesses, helping them tell stories more effectively; writing web & SEO copy, social marketing strategy, scripts for tv, mobile animation and radio, etc. My 20+ year professional writing experience as well as bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Arts (Child Psychology) helps inform my current work; writing compelling and uplifting content for children across multiple genres and developing workshops that foster creativity.

My first picture book, Jacaranda Magic, was published by Ford Street Publishing in 2018. 
12 children’s titles and a whole lot of learning later, I am more excited about being part of the kid lit industry than ever.  Having books published (and plenty more rejected!) across traditional trade, education, independent and not-for-profit markets has helped me hone my skills and better understand the world of publishing.

Children’s Book Publications…so far! 🙂
2018 Picture Book: Jacaranda Magic – Ford Street Publishing (Australia)
2019 Picture Book: My Tribe – Library For All (International)
2019 Poetry Collection: SeaSpray17: Ocean Photography & Haiku Poetry (Australia)
2019 Graphic Novel: Project Volcano (Natural Disaster Series for Pacific Island Region)
2019 Graphic Novel: Between the Cracks (Natural Disaster Series – International)
2020 Picture Book: Scribbly Gum Secrets – Ford Street Publishing (Australia)
2020 Picture Book: Day & Night – DMind Educational Publishing (Hong Kong)
2020 Picture Book: Giving – DMind Educational Publishing (Hong Kong)
2020 Picture Book: Beach Kindy (Australia)
2020 Early Reader: A Cyclone Called Celia (Natural Disaster Series for Pacific Island Region)
2021 Picture Book: Sera, The Shell & The Storm (A Save The Children Int’l Project)
2022 Early Reader: Look At That! (Library for All – Solomon Islands Series)
2023 (Forthcoming) Picture Book: Hedgehog the Wonder Dog (Australia)

Creative Writing & STEAM Workshops
Off the back of my books, I’ve created a range of custom workshops for primary schools, libraries, community events and writers’ festivals. These workshops all have stories at the center and are enhanced by highly interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Art and Math) elements, to help students make real-world and curriculum connections with themes and ideas in the text, helping to bring my books to life in meaningful ways.  Plus, they’re fun. A LOT of fun. Because learning happens best when we’re at play. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my workshops and author visits.  

The Future
I believe quality books are critical to children; to fuel imaginative play, to encourage early literacy, to teach, to linger, to promote change and for the pure and simple LOVE of reading and writing.

I am a lifelong learner, constantly striving to improve my craft by reading widely and participating in professional development workshops via industry organisations including Share Your Story, SCBWI and the Queensland Writers Centre.

I have two new picture books due for release over the next 12 months, Heavy with Wombat Books and Hedgehog the Wonder Dog with Ford Street Publishing.  

I’m also holding my breath, waiting to hear back from publishers on more of my manuscripts in their ‘to be considered’ piles. Cross your fingers for me! There’s a definite formula of luck x skill x likeability x ?guesswork? = publishing success. 

When I’m not reading, writing or talking about stories, you’ll find me by the water, hanging out with my family.

D x


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